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23:31 «ТурНавигатор» №7 июнь '2014This Living Light is powered by a houseplant
22:14 INTERVIEW: Inhabitat's own Greg Beach on telling global stories through the lens of a small town
19:26 «ТурНавигатор» №7 июнь '2014New NASA tool shows which melting glaciers will affect coastal cities
18:52 Keystone 1 oil pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons days ahead of Keystone XL permit decision
18:10 New periodic table sorts 3,700 known exoplanets into 18 categories
17:38 This solar-powered floating farm combines agriculture and dining under one roof
17:04 Tesla surprises the crowd with a new $250k Roadster
16:25 Worlds first solar panel mural unveiled in San Antonio
15:46 «ТурНавигатор» №7 июнь '2014Durable canvas cloth with embedded solar cells generates 120 watts per square meter
14:34 Son builds modern dream cabin from recycled materials for his aging father
14:16 Recycled materials make up this quirky solar-powered hotel in West Africa
13:00 Ответы на вопросы. Десяточка №10 wayhome/skyter (Путь Домой с Александ
08:59 «ТурНавигатор» №7 июнь '2014Revolutionary Tesla Semi Truck arrives with a whopping 500 mile driving range

23:11 «ТурНавигатор» №7 июнь '2014Fisker patents EV battery with a range of 500 miles that can be charged in 1 minute
23:04 Long Story Short hostel is a modern escape tucked into a historical building in Moravia
21:02 10 Healthy, energizing, clean-eating Thanksgiving recipes
20:05 «ТурНавигатор» №7 июнь '2014Swytch is revolutionizing the e-bike conversion system
19:32 Harrison Ford: The greatest threat is that people in charge don't believe in science
18:53 Suspicious radioactive cloud over Europe may have originated in Russia
17:52 The world's first space nation officially in orbit with new satellite
17:03 Shigeru Ban honored with Mother Teresa award for dedication to disaster relief architecture
15:37 «ТурНавигатор» №7 июнь '2014Elephants should be recognized as legal persons, argues Connecticut lawsuit
14:46 Pyramidal lakeside home is topped with a glass nature observatory
14:05 Vienna cocktail bar is hidden underground in an 18th-century cellar
02:22 World's largest botanical garden to bloom in the desert of Oman

23:17 «ТурНавигатор» №7 июнь '2014Larch-clad extension breathes new life into an old hunting lodge in Canada
22:51 Cards Against Humanity buys land on the US-Mexico border to block Trump's wall
19:30 «ТурНавигатор» №7 июнь '2014Hyperloop-inspired company promises 200 mph travel in Colorado without the vacuum tubes
18:54 "We were blown away" - researchers eliminate obstacle to fusion energy
18:09 Scientists discover new Earth-like planet only 11 light years away