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01:00 Банкомат выдал больше денег, а в банке их не приняли
00:13 Курс доллара и евро на 21.04.2018 курсы гривны, юаня, тенге к рублю

23:08 The Ocean Cleanup is about to send a giant plastic collector to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
22:19 This new 3D-printed house was built by a portable robot in just 48 hours
22:08 6 fun, meaningful ways to celebrate Earth Day!
21:54 Apple's new recycling robot can disassemble 200 iPhones in a single hour
21:09 Trump official delays protection of endangered species at oil lobbyist's request
20:33 Bottlenose dolphins spotted in Canadian Pacific waters for the first time
19:06 Clothing made from recycled water bottles highlights the ongoing crisis in Flint
18:48 This fine-dining chef transforms food waste into creative gourmet dishes
18:01 Evaporative off-grid toilets don't need plumbing, water or electricity
17:24 The Cornelia tiny house is a peaceful writer's studio built with reclaimed wood
07:30 Unique Fuzzy House offers locals a public shortcut through the building
07:03 These tiny and adorable vintage campers are made for birds

23:56 Как я начала торговать чаем — история малого бизнеса
23:55 Курс доллара и евро на 20.04.2018 курсы гривны, юаня, тенге к рублю
22:23 Lyft is making all their rides carbon neutral
22:00 How Earth Day began and how it helps the planet
21:59 There's a California fault far more dangerous than San Andreas - and it's ready to go off
21:22 Finland's two-year universal basic income experiment is coming to an end
21:00 This amazing underwater hotel room lets you sleep while surrounded by marine life
20:29 The UK just went for a record 55 hours without using coal
19:12 These robots assembled an IKEA chair in 20 minutes without having a meltdown
18:25 Solar outshined all fossil-fuels sources combined in 2017
18:03 UK plans to ban the sales of plastic straws to tackle ocean plastic pollution
17:04 Couple converts $7,000 Joshua Tree cabin into a sophisticated desert oasis
15:06 Zaha Hadid Architects designs robot-assisted vaulted classrooms for China
14:05 Norwegian-inspired timber cabins unveiled for a landscape hotel in France

23:35 Ипотека в ВТБ и рефинансирование в Сбербанке — история читательницы
23:15 Курс доллара и евро на 19.04.2018 курсы гривны, юаня, тенге к рублю