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02:30 «ТурНавигатор» №7 июнь '2014Glowing labyrinth made from plastic waste pops up in Buenos Aires
00:00 «ТурНавигатор» №7 июнь '2014Victorian-era townhouse converted into 14 light-filled micro-apartments

22:30 Solar-powered mountain home is a sustainable prototype for Aspen development
21:00 Giant manta ray nursery discovered in Gulf of Mexico
20:00 «ТурНавигатор» №7 июнь '2014West Antarctica's bedrock is rising, providing some protection to melting ice
19:00 8 tiny homes built tough for off-grid living
00:30 «ТурНавигатор» №7 июнь '2014A 1960s Swiss chalet is transformed into a whimsical off-grid home

23:00 Solar-powered cube home in Australia hovers over the landscape
21:30 Abandoned NYC warehouse is reinvented as LEED Gold-certified apartments
20:00 Mirrored art complex in Bangkok seamlessly co-exists with the surrounding trees
19:00 A striking concrete home in Ontario targets minimal environment impact
02:30 Green-roofed vacation home embraces old-growth trees in the San Juan Islands
01:00 A disused railway will become a sustainable green corridor in Taiwan

23:30 This series of modular wood cabins form a rustic retreat in the Catskills
22:00 Built on a budget, this elegant Dock Building glows like a lantern in Vancouver
21:00 Kilauea's crater has been dramatically altered by eruption
20:00 The largest solar farm apiary in the US opens this week
19:00 A Michigan farmhouse is reborn as a beautiful modern vacation retreat
15:39 Как пристроить подвал к зданию, чтобы не нарушить существующий фундамент? wayhome/skyter (Путь Домой с Алексан%D
03:00 How to make American cities bike-friendly
01:00 This off-grid, prefab tiny cabin in Michigan fits a family of five

23:30 «ТурНавигатор» №7 июнь '2014Solar-powered home boasts an upside down layout for an expansive feel
22:00 An old London chapel is reborn into a modern home and artist studio
21:00 First paper straw factory in decades to open as UK bans plastic
20:00 Reforestation in China heralds the return of rare animals
19:00 «ТурНавигатор» №7 июнь '2014Prefab DublDom home delivered via helicopter as a gift to a remote Russian town
03:00 «ТурНавигатор» №7 июнь '20146 tents perfect for camping this summer
02:09 100% solar-powered Fiji resort combines 5-star luxury with sustainability
01:13 This modern solar-powered retreat is topped with a massive green roof
00:00 «ТурНавигатор» №7 июнь '2014Old Greyhound bus converted into gorgeous tiny house on wheels