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08:10 Чем заменить бетон

19:30 A decaying shop in Cambodia gains a new life through adaptive reuse principles
18:30 Little Caesars debuts vegan sausage
17:30 Stay home from work to save the planet, study says
16:30 Cambridges first co-housing development fosters sustainable living
15:30 Demand for sand: the largest mining industry no one talks about
14:30 Escape to the Bavarian Alps in a charming A-frame that produces surplus energy

19:30 An Australian dairy farm is updated with solar-powered grass-to-gate facilities
18:30 Study estimates sea level rise two times worse than worst-case scenario
17:30 Words matter: The Guardian announces updated climate crisis language
16:30 Repurposed shipping container now holds a trendy beer stand in Tokyo
15:30 Inside The Mohicans: an Ohio treehouse empire
14:30 SAOLA offers sustainable sneakers sourced from algae and recycled plastic

20:30 Artist installs nature-inspired tiny house made out of recycled glass and plastic in Times Square
19:30 Meet 'Blade', the world's first 3D-printed hypercar
18:30 New report reveals 70 million metric tons of plastic burned worldwide each year
17:30 English tree planting challenge will help plant 130,000 trees
16:30 Brasserie 2050 restaurant pops up as a prototype for sustainable food service
15:30 Zaha Hadids 2022 World Cup stadium in Qatar adapts for future use
14:30 A modern farmstay suite minimizes site impact in Brazil

20:30 Solar-powered Ring House heals a scarred hilltop landscape in Greece
19:30 India will surpass Paris Agreement pledges with renewable energy investment
18:30 Breezy home in Mexico uses strategic cross ventilation and natural light to reduce its energy use
17:30 Polls show climate change is a determining issue for 2020 elections
16:30 Geometric pine cabins house nature-minded workspaces in Vietnam
15:30 Green batteries? Renewable energy storage will cost nature
14:30 Architects transform a residential building into a lush, green oasis in the heart of So Paulo

19:30 Even the most remote islands are victims of plastic pollution
18:30 Sublime net-positive energy farmhouse pays homage to the local vernacular
17:30 Labour Party launches solar panel program for 1.75M homes