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01:30 Biophilic dome homes produce more energy than they consume
00:00 Bee hive vandalism in Iowa kills tens of thousands of honeybees

22:30 Barn-inspired home offers back-to-nature living with a crisp, contemporary twist
20:30 This tiny shipping container home adapts to your needs
18:30 Everything you need to know about online farmers markets

15:16 Какое остекление балкона лучше: пластик, алюминий или дерево

14:25 Правила утилизации химических реактивов
02:00 A solar-powered home hides behind a colossal, sloped green roof
01:00 New study suggests it's time to replace modern, grassy lawns
00:00 Zaha Hadid Architects weaves energy-saving tech into an otherworldly UAE landscape

22:30 This sculptural home takes cues from the sloping Hollywood Hills landscape
20:30 These enchanting, off-grid cabins are handcrafted from salvaged materials
18:30 Studio Roosegaardes laser light art tracks floating space waste in the sky
01:30 War ruins are reborn as a sustainable home in Lebanon
00:30 Virgin Atlantic plane takes flight with fuel from recycled waste

23:30 Maya Bay closes following extensive environmental damage from tourists
22:30 Greek island Tilos is showing the world how to go 100% renewable
22:26 Экологичная мебель изнатуральной древесины stylehome (Наш стильный Дом)
20:30 An energy-efficient modern church references Utahs mining history
18:30 Dunkin' Donuts unveils a tiny home powered by recycled coffee grounds
16:28 Надежная открытая отмостка. Пирожок. Привязка к фундаменту wayhome/skyter (Путь Домой с Алекса%B
11:26 Как отреставрировать входную металлическую дверь своими руками
02:00 Even scientists are shocked by the latest UN report on climate change
01:00 Old Sydney warehouse is transformed into an industrial-chic home
00:00 Olson Kundig solar sail proposal could power up to 200 Melbourne homes with clean energy

22:30 Martian tiny home prototype champions zero waste and self sufficiency
20:30 Solar-powered cork house pursues healthy, sustainable living
18:30 This gorgeous converted bus hotel in Scotland pulls out all the stops
02:00 Sculptural Sunset Houses mimic waves with rainwater-collecting roofs
01:00 Award-winning glass cabin is nestled inside an Australian rainforest